PC Identifier

What is the PC Identifier?

The PC identifier is like the "fingerprint" of a specific PC, and is based on the hardware characteristics of the PC, including the serial numbers of some components. The PC identifier is sufficiently unique to be used as a basis for licences, and this avoids the need to physically ship a hardware dongle to the customer. Externally, to the customer, the PC id consists of groups of digits separated by hyphens. The number of digit groups, and the total length of the PC id, varies. The external form is an encrypted version of the actual PC id, coded to use only digits and hyphens.

Note  The PC identifier does NOT include any personal information or names or identities that might be stored on a PC. Only hardware characteristics are used.

How to find the PC Identifier.

You need to find the PC identifier for your system and send it to Mitan so that Mitan can create a software dongle for you. In order to find the PC identifier you should do the following.

Install T-Calc Suite

The T-Calc Suite programs include facilities to display the PC identifier. So the first thing to do is to install T-Calc Suite on the PC you wish to use.

Start T-Calc Application Selectorc

Start up T-Calc Application Selector by clicking on the T-Calc desktop icon. This will start the Application Selector program.

Display PC identifier

Click on the "Utilities" tab/button. You should now see several buttons, one of which is labelled "Display PC Identifier...". Click this button. A small window, illustrated below, will now be displayed, showing the PC id for the PC on which the Mitan program is running. Next to the PC id display is a button labelled "Copy", which will copy the PC id to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into an email to Mitan.